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On the problems of modern Russian Quranic Studies
18.01.2015 3:30 PM views: 244 comments: 0

   A remarkable feature of Muslims, including Russian, is a devotion to their religion. However, often the Muslims, especially young people, in fact, are not carriers of their religion as such. It's not only about the non-compliance with at least one of five pillars of Islam.

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In memory of Benazir Bhutto
08.01.2015 6:30 PM views: 129 comments: 0

   Seven years have passed since the death of one of the most remarkable women of the Muslim world, Benazir Bhutto, whose image doesn't cease to be admired by millions of people all over the planet.

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Beit al-Zubair - house, which became a museum
23.12.2014 5:00 PM views: 261 comments: 0

   Museum "Beit al-Zubair" is located in Matrah, the satellite city of Muscat, the capital of Sultanate of Oman. Having opened its doors for visitors in 1998, thanks to its rich collections museum soon became popular among foreign tourists seeking to plunge into the exotic of Arab East.

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Russian-Moroccan Relations: past and present
16.12.2014 7:00 PM views: 511 comments: 0

   Russian-Moroccan relations are traditionally friendly. For the first time Russian readers found out about Morocco in December 1732 from the message "On spanish fortress Ceuta, besieged by the army of King of Morocco"...

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Tribalism in Yemen
01.12.2014 10:30 PM views: 333 comments: 0

Significant part of Yemenis retains tribal identification. Most of the southern tribes consider themselves descendants of the most legendary founder of the South Arabian tribes Qathan. Some northern tribes consider themselves descendants of the legendary founder of Northern Arabian ...

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Russian-Moorish relations: History and Modern
17.11.2014 9:20 PM views: 507 comments: 0

   In 2014, Russian-Moorish diplomatic relations celebrate 50 years anniversary. They were established on the July 12, 1964 during the stay in Moscow of Moorish goodwill mission between the Soviet Union and the Islamic Republic of Mauritania.

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Khat in the life of Yemen
01.11.2014 2:30 PM views: 591 comments: 0

    Khat is a tropical evergreen plant of the Magnoliaceae family. Khat was mentioned for the first time in the XI century by great encyclopedist Abu Rayhan Mohammed bin Ahmed al-Biruni...

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Diplomatic Missions and Consular Offices of Russian Empire on the territory of modern Arab states
24.10.2014 11:30 PM views: 603 comments: 0

   In 1913, i.e. on the eve of the First World War, nine Russian embassies were functioning (in Austria-Hungary, Britain, Germany, Spain, Italy, the North American United States, Turkey, France and Japan) and 39 missions.

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Russian-Jordanian interfaith relations
10.10.2014 11:59 PM views: 497 comments: 0

   Abdullah II, King of Jordan Hashemite Kingdom, came to Moscow with next working visit, during which he had a meeting with the President of Russian V.V. Putin on October 2, 2014. There is a widespread belief that ...

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On preparation of Arabists and Islamic scholars in Russian State Universities
29.09.2014 11:00 PM views: 482 comments: 0

   Arabic studies as a science has existed in Russian since the XVIII century. At the roots of the Russian Arabic studies was associate of Peter I Dmitriy Cantemir. In his outstanding work “Book Sistima or Condition of Muhammad religion”, published in Petersburg in...

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