Arabinform is pleased to announce the launch of The International Journal of Arab Studies. The International Journal of Arab Studies is a interdisciplinary journal which is devoted completely to the questions of Arab and Middle East Studies. The main purpose of the journal is to consolidate and present various opinions of representatives of science, education, public authorities and a business community.
   The Journal’s key mission is a theoretical comprehension of international tendencies and the Arab world as a whole. The International Journal of Arab Studies aims to give all researchers equal opportunity to share ideas, develop their career and to have greater impact around the world. The articles of the journal are dedicated to economic, politic studies and social aspects of Arab countries.
   The journal is intended for representatives of public authorities, economists, managers, lawyers, sociologists as well as students, postgraduate students, doctors, professors and research workers. Our Journal is international and is intended for a wide range of visitors from around the world, who are united by a desire to know the information about the Arab world. The International Journal of Arab Studies aims to show not only the various aspects of life in Arab countries, but also provide information about business, media and other aspects, without which the understanding of Arab culture and life would be incomplete.
   The Journal’s key spheres of interest include new fundamental trends in international relations, world economy, theoretical agenda of security and conflict studies, international organizations, the ethical dimension of foreign policy, international law, ecology, geopolitics and international political economy concerning Arab countries. The journal publishes original papers including but not limited sociology, geography, economics, history, political science, demography, cultural studies, sociolinguistics and other social science discipline.
   The International Journal of Arab Studies particularly welcomes articles on all aspects of developments that contribute to the improvement of social science knowledge. Arabinform sincerely invites all people to submit research papers. However, priority will be given to scholars. Our Open access ethos means that research published with our Journal will reach the widest possible readership.
   Having no direct affiliation with any state or private institution, the journal aims to facilitate communication among scholars and educators around the world and to foster their concerted effort in developing theoretical approaches to Arab Studies. However we feel that the dissemination of research should be in the hands of academic institutions and societies. We are looking to collaborate with these groups to create a strong partnership.