If you are interested in submitting a paper, we hope the following information will help you and answer your questions. The information below is intended to guide you through the general requirements for the papers submitted for publication we need regarding content, scope, and audience to consider your paper for publication in The International Journal of Arab Studies (Arabinform). The Journal does not accept payments of any sort for publication from authors or any affiliated stakeholders. There is no charge for the publication of materials. The decision on publication of a manuscript depends on its quality and correspondence with the Journal’s thematic profile.

Criteria for Publication

   The International Journal of Arab Studies (Arabinform) does not accept for publication work that has already been published elsewhere in English. However, studies that replicate results that are already in the literature may be considered for publication, as the independent confirmation of results can be valuable. Arabinform does not accept technical or highly specialized material. Poor presentation and language is a justifiable reason for rejection. If the language of a paper is poor, we recommend that authors seek independent editorial help before submission of a revision. 
   Research published in our Journal must have been conducted to the highest ethical standards.
   1. The source of the research funds should be listed on all research papers. Authors should acknowledge all significant funders of the research and list all relevant competing interests. The list of Authors should accurately reflect who carried out the research and who wrote the article.
   2. The submitted work and its essential substance may not previously have been published and may not be under consideration for publication elsewhere. In such circumstances, the authors must inform Arabinform that this is the case.
   3. The Arabinform does not publish works based on any form of discrimination against humans neither papers containing statements that may lead to or suggest any form of discrimination or violence. The editorial policy of this journal is in line with the science ethics, under which we implies a set of moral principles as a guideline for scientists and the foundation of science itself.
   4. The authors sending their papers to the journal should guarantee that the articles haven’t been previously published in other periodicals in current or altered form; are not under consideration with the editorial boards of other periodicals, all possible conflicts of interest connected with their copyright and publication having been solved; don’t violate any of the existing copyright laws; in case of violation the publisher is entitled to reimbursement of expenses.

General requirements for the papers submitted for publication

   They must not be under review with another journal. They must not have been published elsewhere (including online or in a different form or different language). Articles must be in a complete form at the time of submission, including full bibliographical references.
   Contents of the paper should correspond to the topics and the scientific level and have a definite scientific interest well as should be available and described in accordance with the norms of literary language. Title of the article should correspond with its content. The Journal also receives previously issued little-known papers with a high scientific and the educational value. In these cases reference is required.
All manuscripts should be written in English (American or U.K. spelling), in a clear, direct, active style and be properly edited. It must represent the results of independent and original scientific research corresponding with the Journal’s thematic profile, reflecting the author’s profound knowledge of the bibliographic context on the analyzed problems and the ability to adequately apply the conventional methodology of setting up and solving scientific problems.

   The paper of up 30 000 symbols including spaces, Times New Roman, size 10, interval 1 is provided to the Editor by arabinform@gmail.com.
Please download our manuscript template and prepare your manuscript according to it.

   The file must contain the text of the article with the following structure: Title of the article; Surname and initials of author(s); Abstract of the paper; Keywords (from 5 to 15 words or phrases) that characterize the contents of the article; Text of the article with footnotes at the bottom of the page and terminal references (bibliography), compiled in alphabetical order. Footnotes and references (size 8, Times New Roman, the numbering of the footnotes on each page). 
   Submitted articles and analytical reviews should contain an abstract, normally within 250-350 words, covering the goal and tasks of the scientific work, its structure, and key conclusions. The abstract serves as an independent analytical text able to provide an adequate conception of the conducted research without any need to address the main text. Articles, analytical reviews, and review articles should be submitted with a reference. Sources in each of the lists should be shown in alphabetical order. The reference lists should contain scientific literature, analytical reports, and articles in scientific editions; they must reflect the sources cited in the manuscript’s body.
   Scientific literature, analytical reports, and articles in scientific editions should be cited in the manuscript’s body using an abbreviated form containing the authors’ surnames, year of publication, and pages.

Responsibilities and Rights of Authors

   The International Journal of Arab Studies (Arabinform) is committed to conveying to its authors a strong understanding of their rights and responsibilities. All papers submitted to The International Journal of Arab Studies (Arabinform) must be the original work of the listed authors and must not have been previously published or currently submitted elsewhere. Authors of plagiarizing works may be banned from publishing.
   As the author of the submitted work, it is your responsibility to ensure that the manuscript presents a technically as well as grammatically correct copy. A well-prepared manuscript will help to speed up the publication process as less time will be spent for evaluating the content.
   Authors are required to prepare their manuscripts according to the format given in Manuscript File Type. Please download our manuscript template and prepare your manuscript according to it.
   The International Journal of Arab Studies (Arabinform) reserves the right to reject a manuscript otherwise. Manuscripts submitted not in accordance to the paper format will be significantly delayed during the production stage.
   All manuscripts should be written in good English. This is the responsibility of the authors, not the editors. Papers below the standard will be returned to the authors for rewriting and can be rejected for this reason alone. Such problems may be avoided and publication expedited if the authors use "grammar and spell check" software to correct basic errors, and have their manuscripts edited by an English-speaking colleague or a professional editing service before the initial submission.
   If you submit articles, images, graphics etc for publication, you must have created the works, or you have permission from or are authorized by the owner of the material to send to us. By submitting the material, you are granting us a perpetual royalty-free worldwide license to publish or republish, or otherwise use any format, including without limitation in print and electronic formats.
   Authors can expect to be notified that a manuscript has been received. Authors can expect that a decision on their manuscript will be made in a timely manner or they can expect an explanation of receipt as to why a decision has been delayed along with a new target date for a decision.
   At the same time the Journal reserves the right to leave unreplied the accusations of plagiarism if the accuser provides incorrect personal information (for instance, signs with an alias) or acts in an unethical or threatening manner. The Arabinform board is not obliged to discuss cases of supposed plagiarism with persons who are not involved.
   Authors can inquire about the disposition of a submitted manuscript at any time, but are encouraged to wait at least 4 weeks after the manuscript has been submitted before doing so. Authors can withdraw a paper from editorial consideration at any time.