Consolidation of stand of Israel in East Africa
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   In recent years, Israel has increased its infiltration to the East Africa. With the foundation of new state South Sudan in 2011 new possibilities in the region were opened up to Israel. Allied relations between Israel and South Sudan gained rapid development.

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In memory of Benazir Bhutto
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   Seven years have passed since the death of one of the most remarkable women of the Muslim world, Benazir Bhutto, whose image doesn't cease to be admired by millions of people all over the planet.

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Russian-Moroccan Relations: past and present
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   Russian-Moroccan relations are traditionally friendly. For the first time Russian readers found out about Morocco in December 1732 from the message "On spanish fortress Ceuta, besieged by the army of King of Morocco"...

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Russian-Moorish relations: History and Modern
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   In 2014, Russian-Moorish diplomatic relations celebrate 50 years anniversary. They were established on the July 12, 1964 during the stay in Moscow of Moorish goodwill mission between the Soviet Union and the Islamic Republic of Mauritania.

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    Today, not everyone knows that after all the United States won a worthy victory in the Muslim East: it was a victory in so-called Second Barbary War (1815) run by the United States against North African pirates. As a result of this war, .... 

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   It’s a well-known fact that in the political sense Islamism has become a choice of some Arab people during the “Arab Spring”, for example, in Tunisia, for some time in Egypt. At the same time one can not deny that initially the islamization of Muslim societies is a movement in opposition to the West: peoples of poor Muslim countries realize that they will never join the prosperous states. Islamic radicalization as an extreme form of Islamism is an attack against the “golden billion”, which is the result of globalization. Appeals to religious consciousness, increased religious feelings of Muslims are manifestation of the complex of economic insolvency of the population of poor and underdeveloped Muslim countries.

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Russia, which had an impact on the largest by territory African state, which was Sudan before the secession of South Sudan in 2011, lost its positions in the important, from economic perspective, region of Africa, which became an independent state - The Republic of South Sudan. In this direction Russia faces stiff competition, as the interest in the presence and impact on South Sudan is shown by many influential states.

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  The situation in Yemen draws attention, as recently this country became perceived by the world community as a base for international terrorism. Difficult economic situation in the country allows extremists to spread their influence in the widest possible manner. Socio-economic problems of modern Yemen mainly arise from demographic situation. This is the main reason why the Yemeni governments attempts to solve socio-economic problems regardless of who is at the top of the government are brought to naught.

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Why Do They Sponsor Terrorism in Syria
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Currently, the Syrian Armed Forces act as aides in the modern to combat terrorist plague: the more they destroy criminals in their territory including having Russian citizenship, the less will be chaos and blood in all countries even relatively peaceful. Killing Russian immigrants in Syria who wanted to play jihad, Syrian soldiers prevent terrorist attacks and in our country as well. It is noteworthy that modern “fighting for the faith” is necessarily accompanied by generous funding of those who “settles down to a course of jihad”. 

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