On the problems of modern Russian Quranic Studies
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   A remarkable feature of Muslims, including Russian, is a devotion to their religion. However, often the Muslims, especially young people, in fact, are not carriers of their religion as such. It's not only about the non-compliance with at least one of five pillars of Islam.

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Tribalism in Yemen
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Significant part of Yemenis retains tribal identification. Most of the southern tribes consider themselves descendants of the most legendary founder of the South Arabian tribes Qathan. Some northern tribes consider themselves descendants of the legendary founder of Northern Arabian ...

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Khat in the life of Yemen
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    Khat is a tropical evergreen plant of the Magnoliaceae family. Khat was mentioned for the first time in the XI century by great encyclopedist Abu Rayhan Mohammed bin Ahmed al-Biruni...

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With the election of Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, Metropolitan of Smolensk and Kaliningrad Kirill in February 2009 the activity of Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) outside Russia has significantly grown. The revitalization of the ROC abroad occurred due to the following reasons: 1) aspiration of new head of the ROC to strengthen its influence in the world; 2) establish cooperation of Russian Orthodox Church with government agencies, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; 3) growth of the authority of Russia in the international arena, that manifests itself in respect to the ROC by the official authorities; 4) departure for permanent residence abroad of a large number of Russians who begin to experience the need for spiritual communication, including the nourishment of the Church, which requires the construction and opening of new parishes.

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