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Why Do They Sponsor Terrorism in Syria

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P.V. Gusterin,
Research associate
Russian Institute for Strategic Studies

   Currently, the Syrian Armed Forces act as aides in the modern to combat terrorist plague: the more they destroy criminals in their territory including having Russian citizenship, the less will be chaos and blood in all countries even relatively peaceful. Killing Russian immigrants in Syria who wanted to play jihad, Syrian soldiers prevent terrorist attacks and in our country as well. It is noteworthy that modern “fighting for the faith” is necessarily accompanied by generous funding of those who “settles down to a course of jihad”. 
   There are little religious fanatics among ordinary bandits of so-called “Free Syrian Army”. Most bandits are ordinary mercenaries who are ready to fight with anyone for anything for the money. Incidentally, this explains the fact that the ranks of the “revolutionaries” include a large number of immigrants from Europe who generally have nothing to do with Islam.
   It’s no secret that the main sponsors of international terrorism in the modern world are Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The first of these countries is a state with the official ideology of Wahhabism, i.e. Islam satisfying the Bedouins of Arabia, which, in their opinion, should be followed by all Muslims. This explains concernment of various circles of Saudi Arabia in destabilization of normal life throughout the world: sponsors of terrorist attacks so try to demonstrate superiority of their state system and ideology over political systems and way of life of other people, including Muslims. 
   Qatar is a small (if not a pocket) country that in all ways seeks to establish itself as a serious global player, and spreading its influence, it does not draw a line at funding terrorism. Recently, this activity is disguised as beneficent aid to needy Muslims, of whom the same terrorists are subsequently recruited. It is noteworthy that notorious al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula acting in Yemen adheres to the same “personnel policy”. 
   At the same time, Saudi Arabia and Qatar are staunch allies and economically the most important partners the U.S. suffering the behavior of their Middle Eastern “friends” for the sake of uninterrupted oil supply and conservation of their bases in the Persian Gulf, some of which are located in their territories. 
   The question arises: why the U.S., Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey are united in their opinion on political situation in Syria? First, Syria is the last frontier before Iran which is subject to international law and in no way wants to comply with U.S. foreign policy. Iran also is a regional competitor of Saudi Arabia, and not so much economical but ideological, as being the largest Shiite state, it can not irritate the protagonists of “pure” Islam.  
   Here we can also talk about the joint struggle of Qatar and Turkey for their economic interests. It is known that Qatar is ranked third in the world in natural gas reserves (after Russia and Iran). With the change of the current leadership in Syria to the regime loyal to the leaders of the Cooperation Council of the Arab States of the Persian Gulf (Saudi Arabia and Qatar), the latter can count on building its gas pipeline to Europe through Syria and Turkey. This corresponds to the interests of the Turkish Government as well, what partly explains its desire to overthrow the President Bashar al-Assad.

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